Business Process Services (BPS) in South Photography equipment, a Bold New world

To some Business Process Services may sound like yet another convoluted and ostentatious label applied by self-important people who may not otherwise be defined due to lack of substance, product or identity. Quite the contrary.

Business Process Services or Freelancing, when it delivers, has the potential to genuinely lower admin and operating costs, more quickly provide new services, improve customer care, and enhance focus on core business activities. Very simply, these are the people that allow internet marketers to pay attention to their core business whilst the likes of recruiting hash ice o lator, finance, accounting, contact revolves. Document Management Services, Healthcare are taken care of by freelancing to an authorized

Without getting bogged down in more detail, it’s sufficient to say that there are many divisions of BPS: there’s the back-office, like recruiting; front-office, like call revolves, there’s ocean going and onshore BPS and even further breakdowns including IT based ITES-BPO (Information Technology Allowed Service) and LPO — legal process freelancing.

Looking at the big picture: the global industry is reported to be growing by 40% every year. The indian subcontinent is the world’s biggest player in the industry with revenue of US$10. 9 thousand from ocean going BPS. It has a 6% share of the BPS industry in general but a 63% share of ocean going BPS. On the other hand the South African-american call hub industry has exploded by approximately 8% a year since 2003 and it directly employs about 54 000 people, contributing 0. 92% to South Africa’s gross domestic product. Dwarf size compared to The indian subcontinent but the potential is huge.

The South African-american Government’s upscaled Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP 2) has identified Business Process Services (BPS) as a key sector for investment attraction and job creation. The South African-american Government implemented a BPS or Business Process Freelancing and Offshoring (BPO&O) bonus programme from Come early july 2007. It is claimed that during the period Come early july 2007 to 03 2010, the bonus resulted in the creation of at least 6 000 new jobs and attracted R303 million in direct investment.

Subsequently, after negotiation with the private sector a further task has been made with the Monyetla Work-Readiness Programme, a dedicated investor friendly set-up process, and a programme to improve industry service standards, in order to position South Photography equipment as a preferred location for BPS operations.

Monyetla, which means ‘opportunities’, was launched in 08 by the Business Trust, the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) and BPeSA as a preliminary project to provide the jobless youth of South Photography equipment with employment through the BPO industry. The preliminary project was a success story, over 1, 000 individuals registered. Due to its success the second phase was launched in Come early july 2010, with 3, 400 individuals joining. Further stages continue to date. As a certified employer of choice on the project there are two criteria: Take on a minimum of 60 individuals; and offer employment to 70% of them upon their successful end of the programme. For every six individuals employed, one team leader must be trained. So there’s a very specific outcome went after here.

BPS leaders BPeSA, Western Cape CEO Gareth Pritchard is reported to have said “With South Photography equipment rapidly growing as a BPO provider both locally and abroad, it is imperative that we build our employee base, allowing South Photography equipment to move from a reactive talent development strategy to a aggressive one, inch Within the last decade, SA has built up a reputation as a world-class customer service destination that is able to deliver results for many the Britian’s biggest brands, including ASDA, Virgin Mobile and TalkTalk.

South Photography equipment in addition has attracted many top international call-centre outsourcers, including Aegis BPO, Blend, Genpact, Stream, Sykes and Teleperformance, as well as IBM and Deloitte, which provide a variety of services in English, Dutch and Flemish for customers worldwide. Most recently, the Economics spokesman at the SA High Commission in London, Yusuf Timol, estimated that there would be huge opportunities growing for capturing India-based BPO work in 2012 and beyond.

To emphasise whether South Photography equipment has a future in this industry Frost & Sullivan’s business unit leader, ICT Photography equipment, Birgitta Cederstrom says “Africa is increasingly popular as a preferred destination of contact revolves; South Photography equipment specifically has been a natural choice for contact revolves due to its large and articulate English-speaking population and service-oriented business culture. Another strength is its growing broadband connection, thus ensuring that the latest specific communications and collaboration tools will run efficiently. inch

During Trade and Industry Minister Deceive Davies’s Budget Election in the National Local authority or council of Provinces (NCOP) in Parliament he said “To date, 12 applications for the BPS bonus scheme have been approved, potentially profiting R4. 1 thousand worth of investment and 15 149 jobs over four years, inch

“Close to 3 400 young students were trained under the second phase of the Monyetla Work-Readiness Programme, 60 to 70 percent of whom were placed straight into employment. inch said Davies

This brings us to ‘where’. A couple of years ago South Africa’s Call Hub Nucleus group was fully acquired by Aegis, India’s business process freelancing arm of the diversified Essar group. The company purchased CCN as part of its strategy to invest R500 million yearly four years and create 5000 jobs in South Photography equipment. Currently they are situated in two locations: Woodmead and Sunninghill, both in Johannesburg. The entire sitting capacity of over 1, 300 seats.

Interactive Brains Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ININ) is a global provider of contact hub automation, specific communications, and business process automation software and services. Interactive Brains has more than 4, 000 customers worldwide. In other words, a major player in the BPS world. Interactive Brains is about to occupy one of ATIO’s buildings in down town Johannesburg, which will now work as its regional headquarters serving all of Photography equipment.

Amazon, America’s largest online retailer, has expanded its customer service operations into Cape Town, claiming to have created 600 jobs in its first two years of operation and an additional 400 in season jobs during christmas.

A R125-million, 1 500-seat call hub integrating, training, office and recreational space has been constructed to enhance the global competitiveness of the Coega Industrial Development Zone outside Port Elizabeth. The business Process Freelancing (BPO) Park, covers five hectares and includes training facilities, lounges, a cafeteria and a restaurant, is the firstly its kind in South Photography equipment. The BPO Park can be found in Coega’s business service precinct, next to workers’ residential areas, and replaces a 200-seater call hub already in existence.

Then came Blend, another world player in the BPS industry. Blend Outsourcing’s headquarters, Blend House at Century City, Cape Town; and the new Gauteng driveway in the Johannesburg CBD are modern, state-of-the art contact hub facilities, from where almost 1500 agents and support staff deliver customer services. In 2011 Blend won the national industry awards for the finally consecutive time for the Best Ocean going BPO Hub of the Year, and the Best Ocean going Customer service Hub of the Year.

The market for such revolves seems capricious. Planning on the market for contact revolves a while back, construction giant Grid, built a lavish and state of the art built-for-purpose call hub in Mount Edgecombe next door to Umhlanga Rocks. It’s fully occupied. On the other hand a general look through the free on-line magazine Gumtree, revealed an advertisement for “Call hub property to let or easily obtainable in Kent Road, Randburg. Total GLA 6500m², 350 — 500 work areas, and 185 parking bays. Asking rental R60/m² net or for sale at R49 mil excl VAT if applicable. Available immediately. inch So there are some surprises out there from a real estate point of view.

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