Put Your Business on the Map: Create a Mobile App

You love your smartphone, be it the iPhone, BlackBerry or Android. It keeps you organized, connected, and up to date on what’s happening at work, in your social life and around the world. How is a device able to offer so much functionality, satisfying the information and entertainment needs of so many people? The answer lies with the fact that smartphones have mobile applications (more commonly known as apps) and are the final element of customization that allows you to create the perfect communication, organization and entertainment gadget ever to fit in your pocket.

Mobile apps, as we know, are those handy little programs that provide that extra little something in our day; whether it is completing a level of “Angry Birds 交友app“, tracking the distance and route covered on your run, or pinpointing a paint color that matches the color of your sister’s sweater (There really is an app for that!) One thing which all apps have in common is that they are designed with the user in mind. They usually have one purpose and that is to quickly fulfill your needs. Unlike the clumsy accounting system you’re forced to use at the office that is grey, slow and cumbersome; mobile apps are fast, user friendly, simple and attractive.

A new trend is emerging whereby businesses are creating customized mobile apps for the benefit of their customers, while also assisting with the growth of their business. The key to building an app for your business is to keep in mind that is must be valuable to your client. Overall it should be viewed as a convenient and practical resource right at their fingertips. If you can accomplish this much, they will be sure to tell their friends about their latest app that helped them to find the perfect paint color or order from their favorite restaurant. If you can provide something of value with your business mobile app, chances are people will keep it on their phone, leading into opportunities for you to push announcements, promotions, and coupons to your users. And here’s a bonus – once they have your business app on their smartphone, they will be reminded of your business every time they browse through their apps when they see your beautiful little icon!

Smartphones all have the same basic features – Internet access, phone, text, email, camera, video, GPS. It’s what you’re able to do with these features that make the Smartphones so extraordinary. Let’s say you are an interior designer and you want to help clients establish their own personal design style. Using the camera function on the smartphone, your customized mobile app can help customers ‘scrapbook’ ideas while they are renovating their kitchen; taking pictures of inspiring colors, fixtures and furniture, organizing them for easy retrieval when making decisions about their design.

There are several ways apps can be used in specific business examples. A retail store may use a mobile app to direct customers to their location, view products or receive coupons. Likewise, a restaurant may create an app so that people can view the menu, make reservations or place take-out orders.

How you use mobile apps to support and grow your business is limited only by your imagination. By providing mobile app solutions for your clients, you have the opportunity to provide value to them and thus make them happy. As we all know, a happy customer is a return customer. Custom mobile apps may be able to take your business to the next level.

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