Is Google+ Better That Other Social Networking Platforms?

After a trial period that witnessed invitation-only users to test the waters of the social platform offered by Google, the search engine giant, Google+ has finally arrived Buy Google Reviews. Though in its infancy, Google+ has all the making of a big player, with the additional features for Hangouts getting introduced to make the social network more attractive to users.

Google+ has come out with enticing features that offer immense benefits to the user, and the search engine giant is keen to get its share of social networking pie. With the trial period bringing in millions of uses, and with enhanced features, Google+ is set to rock the social networking niche. What are the benefits offered by Google+ that enhances the value of this social networking platform over the competitors?


One of the alluring features introduced by Google+ is the circles, where the user is given an opportunity to share different things with different set of people. Circles help the user to share specific information with a specific group, and with the circles, the user can easily differentiate his family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances, friends from work and individuals from other walks of life who share a common interest with the user. Making use of this feature to group individuals is easier as when compared to other social networking platforms like Facebook. The user has just got to drag the specific contact and place the individual into a circle.

Hangouts and Huddles

Google+ has come out with Hangouts that help a group of people video chat with one another on the screen. With the Hangouts, more than ten individuals can make use of this feature to chat at the same time. The Hangouts introduced by Google+ scores well over the competitors like Facebook, which allows the user to video chat with only one individual. Hangouts offer other benefits, and by making use of this enticing feature on the phone, a user can get connected to people at different places and at different times.

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